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LivingWriter is the go-to app for best-selling authors and new writers. Combining the cleanest interface with smart-text technology and organizational tools specific to writing books - LivingWriter is where your creativity meets technology.


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One place for everything in your story.


Organize your book

Simple drag and drop organization of all your chapters, subchapters and elements.


Smart Text / Story Elements

LivingWriter remembers your story elements and pops them up as you type for easy input. Clicking on these elements brings up all their juicy details.


Make Plotting Easy With Outlines

Organize your story with time-tested outlines used by best-selling authors. We'll guide you through them step by step.

A place to detail and organize every element of your book

When you sit down to write your book, ideas will be coming at you from all angles. Without a logical place to put them, they’ll be lost in the mix.

With LivingWriter, every idea has a place to call home. No matter when inspiration strikes, you’ll have the perfect place to create, detail, organize, and edit every chapter, subchapter, character, setting and idea that comes to mind.

  • Everything on one screen means never leaving your story
  • Drag and drop your chapters for simple reorganization
  • Jot your notes down quickly in your on-screen sidebar

Organize and create ideas with time-tested story outlines

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Every successful story was created by the same outlines that are integrated into LivingWriter. Organize your current story or start from scratch with whichever outline best fits your needs. The outlines will organize your thoughts and lead you through each step with detailed guidance. Outlines include the Three Act Structure, 27 Beat Chapter Plotting, Dan Harmon’s Story Circle, and more!

Dan Harmon's Story Circle
Hero's Journey
27 Beat Chapter Plotting

The Board

No more moving files and pages around to reorganize. With the board feature, you can get a god's eye view of your book in as much detail as you want. Simply drag and drop inside the board to reorganize, change up your plot structure or just to marvel at how much you've written.


Introducing Smart Text

LivingWriter remembers all your story’s elements. As you type a character name or location (whatever you identify as an element), it will auto-suggest and hyperlink the word so that you can quickly access and edit all the info on the right side of your screen.


Cloud based system means working on your masterpiece anytime, anyplace

There are some archaic tools on the market that they aren’t synced to the cloud, meaning you can only work from one device. Tying your creativity down to one location, and leaving you in constant fear of losing all of your irreplaceable work.

Don’t miss any of those precious opportunities to expand your masterpiece, and don’t be one of the many who’ve lost all of their irreplaceable words. Having all of your work on one device is a disaster waiting to happen. With LivingWriter, your work and all of your revision history is safely saved in the cloud.


No need to hit “save”

Even if your laptop decided to have a meltdown, don’t worry if you never clicked “save”.
LivingWriter automatically saves your work to the cloud, as you type.


Get it all out there, or share it in pieces

You’re midway through your thrilling murder mystery, but something tells you that it’s not suspenseful enough. With one click of a button, share your whole book or individual chapters with your friends or your editor. They can even view your story elements, and notes for all your chapters and characters. That way then can see the whole picture.


No lagging, no matter the length

Other programs weren’t meant to hold your 100,000 word masterpiece. You’d have to split your book up into separate docs to keep it from loading forever. With LivingWriter, each chapter and subchapter is self-contained, meaning a speedy load of your whole story every time.

Seamless imports of your existing work

Wrote half of your book already? All good. Import your existing stories from other programs with a couple of clicks, and see how much easier it is to finish your second half on LivingWriter.


You’ve found the best writing app!


Your Work Is Safe

LivingWriter works on an infinitely scalable Amazon AWS structure. No downtime or data loss ever. We’re constantly backing up your data and holding to the industry standards of data security.


Amazing Customer Service

Our staff are dedicated to improving your writing experience. Get in touch with us 24-7 to let us know how we can make your life easier.


Constantly Evolving

We've got a roadmap, but we're also always implementing new features suggested directly by our loyal writers. We're dedicated to your success.

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