Organize and Plot

Your Manuscripts Easily

Leave your word processor in the dust.

Spend less time organizing and planning. Spend more time growing your ideas into books

Drag and Drop

Organize Quickly with Drag and Drop

Order and reorder your chapters, subchapters, and elements without the hassle of copying and pasting.

Drag and Drop
The Sidebar

On Screen Sidebar for
Notes, Goals
, and more

Jot down your chapter, manuscript, and global notes quickly on the sidebar. Everything on one screen means never leaving your manuscript.

The Sidebar
Plotting, Research, and Elements

The livingwriter Boards

No more moving files, text, and post-its to organize your manuscripts.

Get a god's-eye view of your writing. Intuitively drag and drop to plot. Manage your manuscript elements. Compile your research. All in one place.

Plotting, Research, and Elements

LivingWriter + 100% Optional

We believe great writing comes from an
authentic human experience. But we believe
AI can assist you in writing and breaking
through creative blocks.

Streamline your manuscript structure with our AI Outline Generator.

We offer templates ranging from Hero's Journey, Romancing the Beat, Screenplays to Academic Theses. You can ensure your narratives are well-organized and structurally sound.

Just tell the generator what your book is about and receive a customized plot structure based on famous templates.

Our AI does not and will never store your data, it is deleted on every session. Your data will never be used to train our AI.

Smart Text and Auto-suggest


You won't find this in any other fiction writing app!

LivingWriter enhances your manuscript by auto-suggesting your characters, locations, and objects as you write.

Instantly access their notes and details with a simple click, streamlining your creative process.

Manuscript Outlines

Plot Quickly with Time-Tested Manuscript Outlines

Access famous story outlines like the Three Act Structure, 27 Beat Chapter Plotting, The Hero's Journey, and Dan Harmon's Story Circle directly inside LivingWriter.

Our guided steps simplify storytelling, a feature unmatched by other writing apps. We don't try to reinvent storytelling— we just make it smoother for you.

Manuscript Outlines

Intuitive Writing
Goals and Stats

Set clear, visual writing goals to enhance your manuscript's vision and pace. Our novel writing software beautifully displays your objectives, boosting motivation and productivity.

Chapter Goals

Quickly add and update word count goals per section of your manuscript

Chapter Goals


Easy integration and support for National Novel Writing Month


Manuscript Goals

Beyond word counts, you can add deadlines to your manuscript to keep yourself on track

Manuscript Goals

Session Goals

Track your word counts automatically per writing session

Session Goals

The  Boards

Keep everything in one place. Your plot, research, and elements.

Plot Board

Streamline your plotting with our Plot Board: an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface for organizing plot points and elements, bringing your manuscript's structure to life visually.

Outline Board

Optimize your manuscript with the Outline Board: An intuitive drag-and-drop interface to effortlessly restructure your book, adjust plots, or simply appreciate your progress.

Research Board

Streamline your writing with the Research Board: Organize each manuscript topic with sections for files, images, notes, and documents. Easily arrange and rearrange with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Elements Board

Enhance your manuscript with the Element Board: Easily edit in detailed or simple views, and access versatile freeform boards for creating family trees, timelines, and more—unleashing limitless creativity.

Light and Dark Modes

Tailored To Your Tastes

LivingWriter's light and dark modes cater to all-night writing. Custom themes ensure that the best worlds best writing app looks the way you want.

Light and Dark Modes

Stash and Archive

Take any text you don't want right now, but might want later, and stash it for safekeeping. Just highlight any text, click Stash, and your text will be tucked away in the right sidebar.

Copy the text back into your manuscript anytime you want or move it into position with a click and drag.


Cloud Based So Your Creativity Doesn't Have to Stop

LivingWriter syncs seamlessly across devices, freeing you to write anytime, anywhere, without being tied to a single device—unlike other apps. Our fully integrated iOS/Android and Desktop apps ensures that your imagination isn't limited to one place.


Integrated With

Get it all out there or Share it in pieces

Elevate your manuscripts together with LivingWriter, the unique novel-writing software offering effortless sharing and co-authoring. Share for viewing or editing to ensure maximum suspense.

Share Specifically

With one click of a button share your whole book or individual chapters with your friends or an editor

Chapter Goals

Share Everything

Your notes for your chapters and elements can be shared as well

Share Everything

Seamless Imports
Of Your Existing Work

Halfway through your book? Easily import your manuscript from any program directly into LivingWriter with just a few clicks. Transition smoothly from apps like Scrivener and seamlessly continue your writing journey.


Seamless Exports
of Your Manuscripts

Export your manuscript effortlessly in multiple formats with LivingWriter. Choose from PDF, DOCX, direct to Google Drive and Dropbox, or Amazon Manuscript for Amazon KDP. Whether it's the entire manuscript, specific elements, notes, or a single chapter, our intuitive platform simplifies the process.

Speedy Load

No Lagging - No Matter The Length

Other writing programs weren't meant to hold your 100,000 word masterpiece. You’d have to split your book up into separate docs to keep it from loading forever. With LivingWriter, each chapter and subchapter is self-contained, meaning a speedy load of your whole manuscript every time.

Speedy Load

Never hit save again

Even if your laptop decides to have a meltdown, rest assured that your work is safe.

LivingWriter automatically saves every letter you type. Writing software that's cloud-based is the future!

Your work gets saved constantly, safely, into our Amazon Cloud Infrastructure and then we back it up for you every 10 minutes.

You’ve Found The Best Writing App!


Constantly Evolving

We've got a roadmap, but we're also always implementing new features suggested directly by our loyal writers. We're dedicated to your success. Our goal is to be the best writing app for you.

Your work is safe

LivingWriter works on an infinitely scalable Amazon AWS structure. No downtime or data loss ever.

Amazing customer service

Our staff are dedicated to improving your writing experience. Get in touch.

Writing Software For Fiction,
And Beyond!

The best writing app for fiction

Most of our writers are spinning up fantasy, romance and science fiction stories. We've made it easy to get all your creativity and fictional elements into LivingWriter. No writing app does this better than we do.

The best writing app for non-fiction

When it comes to non-fiction we have templates for memoirs, biographies, self-help books and more. We've already had six (that we know about) self-help books published after being written on our platform!

Best writing app
for world-builders

No other writing app or novel plotting software gives you the freedom that LivingWriter does. With our smart elements, beautiful board and intuitive organization, you can have your entire world built before putting down your first word.

Best writing app for world-builders

Best software for screenwriting

You no longer have to use programs like Final Draft to write your screenplays.

LivingWriter allows you to use your chapters, subchapters, and scenes with intuitive screenplay formatting. All in one writing software.

Best software for screenwriting