AI Features

Our AI is built to assist you in writing, not write for you. We believe great writing comes from an authentic human experience, and there is no way that AI will ever replace that.

Our AI features are 100% opt-in. We never use your data, words, elements, or anything you put into LivingWriter to train our AI. Nothing you send to the AI is stored, and will never be stored.

LivingWriter +AI is the only AI novel writing tool that values your privacy above all else.

Our Current AI Features:

AI Chat

Converse with your creations like never before. AI Manuscript Chat is your personal portal to the heart of your story, enabling you to engage in deep conversations with your manuscript. Ask LivingWriter AI about character motivations, explore theoretical landscapes, research on topics, or delve into analytical depths. It's not just a feature; it's a companion in your creative journey, turning your writing process into an interactive adventure.

AI Analysis

Elevate your manuscript with the keen insight of AI Analysis. Dive into a comprehensive examination of each chapter and element, understanding the overarching narrative, tone, and texture. This feature doesn't just analyze; it enlightens, offering bespoke suggestions that take your entire manuscript into consideration. It's the fusion of you and AI, ensuring that every part of your story resonates with its intended purpose.

AI Element Generation

Unleash your imagination with AI Element Generation. This feature is a marvel of creativity, generating characters, settings, research, and objects that breathe life into your manuscript when you guide them. With the added magic of AI-generated images, visualize your story's elements in vivid detail. It's more than a tool; it's a window to worlds unseen, where every element is a stroke of genius. Stuck creatively in your writing? This will help you barrel through it.

AI Rewrite

Discover the power of new writing styles with AI Rewrite. Imagine transforming your text to the way Shakespeare wrote, a different language altogether, or simply making it less formal. This feature doesn't just edit; it gives you a fresh perspective for your prose, breathing new life into each word. A literary metamorphosis awaits at your fingertips. Explore different styles, structures, add citations, and more.

AI Outlines

Let LivingWriter AI help structure your novel writing creativity with AI Outlines. From the intricate pathways of the Hero's Journey to the captivating beats of a romance, this tool is your guide through the realms of storytelling. With just a little input from you, you can unlocks worlds of possibilities, providing tailored outlines for any genre - be it a gripping thriller or an insightful PhD thesis. Your narrative compass, redefined. The only AI novel writing software that does this!

AI Screenplays

With AI Screenplay you can transform any chapter into a screenplay with just one click. This innovative, never-before-seen feature seamlessly converts your narrative into industry-standard screenplay format, ensuring your story is ready for the screen. From dialogue to action descriptions, every element is precisely formatted to meet professional expectations. Unlock the potential of your manuscript for film and television, making your writing journey as dynamic as your stories.

AI Summarize

Quickly summarize portions of your chapter with AI Summarize. Simply select the text you wish to refine, and click "summarize" for an instant breakdown and improvement suggestions. Pass these suggestions to AI Rewrite and transform sections of your manuscript effortlessly, ensuring your narrative is both compelling and concise.

AI Book Covers

AI Book Cover Generation empowers you to generate stunning book covers from just a simple description. Bring your book's essence to life visually, then refine the details and text through our Canva integration for a perfectly polished finish. This tool combines AI creativity with your vision, ensuring your book stands out with a cover that captures its soul. Create a captivating first impression and attract readers at first glance.