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About LivingWriter

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most efficient writing app available for anyone looking to create (or finish) their next work. The goal of our team was to make it as easy as possible for writers/novelists/bloggers to unleash their creativity in a way built for them. This has required study into best practices, ideal features, interesting tools, and understanding the workflow of various types of authors. All done with the purpose of creating the most expansive, functional, user-friendly, writing program available.

We Have Achieved That Goal

After several years of research and development we are able to bring LivingWriter to the people with a bevy of unique and useful writing features. Features like, plotline tracking, character profiling, outlines for the type of work you’re doing, etc. In addition, unlike most writing tools that are now moonlighted (but still operating without support), we are continuously improving on the platform and responding to users.

Welcome to writing, made human. Join LivingWriter today and see the difference.

At LivingWriter, we believe that great writing is about more than just putting words on a page – it’s about crafting a story, screenplay, or research paper that resonates with your readers.