A quick look at our roadmap and what you can expect coming to LivingWriter

We are constantly improving LivingWriter with suggestions from you, the writers. However we are doing it the smart way.

We don't like writing apps or any tools that are bogged down with unecessary features. We take our time to meticulously integrate features into LivingWriter so that they are intuitive as well as refreshing.

Soon we will be launching a vote system for our subscribed users to push up to the front the features they care about most. Our promise is to listen to these suggestions and make sure they're at the forefront of development, always.

Coming Soon

  • Backup to Google Drive FEATURE Backup your words to Google Drive and Dropbox directly from LivingWriter.
    ETA DATE: Nov-26-2021 99%
  • Offline Mode on Desktop App NEW FEATURE Work offline on your desktop and backup your work to your PC and cloud simultaneously.
    ETA DATE: Feb-01-2022 85%
  • Typewriter Scrolling NEW FEATURE A fancy scrolling system keeps your story in the middle of the screen.
    ETA DATE: Feb-01-2022 75%
  • Global Defaults UPGRADE Change all your default formatting preferences globally instead of just by story.
    ETA DATE: Dec-13-2021 75%
  • Footnotes and Endnotes FEATURE Ability to add footnotes and endnotes to your stories.
    ETA DATE: Dec-13-2021 65%
  • Enhanced Self-Publishing NEW FEATURE Adding onto existing self-publishing tools. Mobi export and send straight to kindle for viewing.
    ETA DATE: Coming Soon 60%
  • Enhanced Search UPGRADE Upgrading the current search and replace. Search through all stories, notes, and elements intuitively.
    ETA DATE: Dec-20-2021 60%
  • Story Element Relationship Tree FEATURE See your element relationships in a visual interactive tree
    ETA DATE: Jan-31-2022 55%
  • Story Element Organization NEW FEATURE A new way to organize all your story elements and search through them.
    ETA DATE: Dec-20-2021 55%
  • Tracking Changes UPGRADE Track changes while working on a story together with your writing partner.
    ETA DATE: Dec-20-2021 50%
  • Story Folders UPDATE Create folders on the stories screen to group multiple stories together.
    ETA DATE: Dec-20-2021 50%
  • Story Element Stats UPGRADE Stats for where and how often story elements appear in your chapters and outlines.
    ETA DATE: Dec-20-2021 40%
  • Writing Services PARTNERSHIP Partner with major companies to provide you in-app writing services. Including editing, cover art, designs, agent contacts, and more.
    ETA DATE: Coming Soon 35%
  • Google Font Integration FEATURE Have all Google Fonts available at your disposal
    ETA DATE: Feb-01-2022 35%
  • Custom Themes UPGRADE More than just dark mode and light mode. Customize everything in LivingWriter to your personal favorite colors.
    ETA DATE: Feb-01-2022 25%
  • Zotero Integration FEATURE Integrate with Zotero for bibliographies, citations, and more.
    ETA DATE: Feb-28-2022 20%

Recently Completed Features

  • iOS and Android COMPLETED
    Complete LivingWriter is now available as iOS and Android applications.
  • Desktop Version COMPLETED
    Complete A standalone desktop writing software version of LivingWriter.
  • Import Story Elements COMPLETED
    Complete Story elements that transcend above just one story. For series writing, clones, and more.
  • Global Scratchpad COMPLETED
    Complete Instead of just chapter notes and story element notes. Now you’ll have an easily accessible area for Story Notes and General Notes.
  • Inline Commenting COMPLETED
    Complete Highlight a block of text and add searchable tags and comments to it.
  • Canva Integration COMPLETED
    Complete Design your book covers and images through our partnership with Canva.
  • Plot Grids and Timelines COMPLETED
    Complete Do more with the LivingWriter Board. Additional areas for timelines and plot grids.
  • Even Better Images COMPLETED
    Complete Add more than one image to each story element.
  • Expanded Story Elements COMPLETED
    Complete Allow adding additional sections to story elements and chapter sidebars.
  • Goals, Targets, Stats COMPLETED
    Complete Add goals and targets per chapter or story. Intuitive writing deadliness and statistics.
  • Cover Images COMPLETED
    Complete Get motivated by adding cover images to your stories page.
  • Version History COMPLETED
    Complete View old versions of your novel and restore them. Keeping current and all newer versions too.
  • Grammar Checking COMPLETED
    Complete Full integration with the award-winning Grammarly grammar checker.
  • Share and Co-Author COMPLETED
    Complete Share your stories with your friends and even collaborate real-time on a story together.
  • Dark Mode COMPLETED
    Complete The option to switch LivingWriter in and out of Dark Mode to make it easier to write at night.
  • Focus Mode COMPLETED
    Complete LivingWriter now comes with a focus mode. Once enabled, just start typing and the UI will slowly fade away.
  • Sections and Groups COMPLETED
    Complete Store your outlines, chapters, subchapters in sections and groups.
  • Research Board COMPLETED
    Complete A separate board to store all your research, images, and extra files pertaining to your book.
  • Tagging Chapters and Elements COMPLETED
    Complete Allow various forms of tagging chapters and elements for easier tracking.
  • Relationships COMPLETED
    Complete The ability to assign and tag relationships to story elements.