The writing software that makes writing simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

LivingWriter is the most efficient online writing software available for anyone looking to create (or finish) their next work.

We make it as easy as possible for you, the writer, to unleash your creativity in a streamlined way, built specifically for you.

Our Mission

We’ve studied the best practices, the most ideal features, interesting tools, and the workflow of various types of authors. All done with the purpose of creating the most expansive, functional, user-friendly writing program available. Most writing tools are now moonlighted (but still operating without support). Our aim is to continuously improve on the platform, take feedback from our writers, and take LivingWriter beyond what we can even imagine right now.

We live by our mission, and improving people’s writing life starts with our own company. We’re building a platform and products we believe in - as well as a strong team of speculative, creative people who strive to do their best work.

We Value What You Value

Choosing an app to write your masterpiece is not easy. It’s a commitment usually for life. Most writers choose LivingWriter because we value exactly what you value in a writing software.

Our main focus is on on-going agile development with feedback from writers like you contributing to our features. These features are built into the writing software in an intuitive way with security in mind.

On a more general level we want to cater to your writing needs. Whether it's with the app itself or with our partnerships with other services - you should never have to leave LivingWriter until your masterpiece is finished.

Steady On-Going Development

You never have to wait too long for a LivingWriter update. We work in a very agile way and there are big features and little trinkets coming into LivingWriter month after a month. Whether it’s massive updates to current features, performance upgrades, or brand new shiny toys delivered in intuitive ways - we’ve got you covered. You can even follow along with our roadmap and submit requests for features using our feature upvote section.

Ease of Use

We’ve got UI/UX certified designers, because we value ease of use above all else. If there’s ever a “how-to” question being consistently asked, we dive in immediately to see how we can make it more intuitive. We’ve been receiving rave reviews for our user interface and ease of use, but we’ll never let it get into our perfectionist heads!


You’re putting all your work in the cloud. We understand that could be a scary thing, but our builds are routinely tested by security firms in New you can rest assured that your writing is safe with us!

A Vision for the Future

LivingWriter was born due to a lack of solid software for writing. The founding team are all writers, and some are already published authors. Our vision for the future is to be the singular point for all your writing needs. To do that we’re steadily partnering with other companies to give you the tools and services to get the job done with absolutely no extra cost. This is on top of all the awesome new features we’ve got coming your way!

You Have the Midas Touch

Our favorite thing in the world is seeing our writers succeed. We’ve had many writers finish and publish their work with the help of the LivingWriter platform. Fulfilling their dreams of being published authors!

You’re the one with the Midas touch, LivingWriter is just the conduit that you can channel your powers through.