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$8.00 per month
$96 billed once a year
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$9.99 per month
$9.99 billed once a month
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Why a subscription?
The short answer: it allows us to give you a better product.

A subscription allows us to provide built-in cloud syncing, minute by minute revision histories of all your stories and chapters, release of new features constantly, and great support. Your stories will be hosted by us forever, backed into Amazon Cloud Servers with bank-level encryption and security.

New features and improvements come weekly, not yearly like product releases of other companies. At no additional cost to you, ever.

By subscribing to LivingWriter for just $9.99 a month, you get a great product and service right away. You also get an investment into the future of an app that gets better and that your writing deserves.
How do I know my work is safe?
LivingWriter is backed by Amazon Cloud Services. Every word you type is instantly saved to the cloud. The data and servers are managed by our certified AWS technicians. Additionally there are revision histories (version control that no other writing app has) for each and every chapter of your story that can be saved forever. We're proud to have no data loss reported by any of our writers.
If I cancel my subscription do I still have access to my work?
Absolutely. You continue to have access to your manuscripts for at least 1 year from the time you unsubscribe. Sign in to view and export your work any time after your subscription ends. You will not be able to write any more words, but all your existing manuscripts and notes will be viewable in read-only mode.
Is my writing private and secure?
All your data is transferred to Amazon Cloud Services through encrypted channels. Not even our support team has access to see your words. We will never share your work with anyone, period.
Do I retain rights to my own work?
As you can read in our privacy policy and terms and conditions, you retain the copyright of anything you write on our platform. It's your work, whether you're an active subscriber or not. Anything you write will always be yours.
What happens if LivingWriter shuts down?
We're here to stay. We're not at the whim of investors. We're a business that has consistently been healthy, self-sustainable and well-funded since the start. We've never had one instance of downtime.
What does the future of LivingWriter look like?
Expansion, expansion, expansion. We've got a ton of things in our pipeline, our number one priority now is testing our new mobile app coming out soon. We've got features in the works like writing achievements, dark mode, next-gen distraction free writing, split-screens, writing contests inside the LivingWriter community, access to vetted editors and much more.

Cancel anytime.