Why Choose LivingWriter?


The Short Answer

LivingWriter takes the best of what those other apps have to offer and expounded on it. Our solution scales with the times and more importantly scales with your needs. The ideas for LivingWriter came from writers just like you and continue to be molded by prolific writers, just like you.



Are you on track to be the next J.K Rowling?

We’d like to think that if the genius behind Harry Potter used an app to write her books, it’d be LivingWriter. Check out the notes J.K. Rowling made for Harry Potter in this picture. Hurts our head following some of it too. It is interesting though.

If you build your world like she does, LivingWriter can take each one of your magical plot points and turn them into individual chapters and subchapters. Every chapter of your book has descriptions and notes that you can refer back to and change instantly the same way the Mother of Wizards used her pen to scratch out words.



Want to write horror like Stephen King?

The master of horror is also the most vicious proponent of the Rowling type of writing method. Stephen King doesn’t plot at all, he knows the general idea of his book and just goes for it. This is exactly similar to what George RR. Martin does which leads us to still not having the final book of Game of Thrones (as of writing).

If you’re a pantser (a writer that flies by the seat of their pants) like these guys are and don’t care about organization, LivingWriter can help you there too. Our editor is top notch and if you don’t want to use our cooler features like story elements, autosuggest, etc. Then you can use our editor as is with automatic continuous cloud sync and versioning.



Do you churn out fantasy worlds like Brandon Sanderson?

LivingWriter gives you the ability to input all your crazy characters, fantastic environments and magical objects into your story before you even start writing. If you’re a crazed world-builder, Livingwriter is perfect for you.

Using the magic of story elements, you can have your book come to life with the various things you put in it.

You can even make story elements to put in all that research about medicine you want in your book but have no idea what you’re talking about.


We’ll Help You Get There

Whatever type of writer you want to be, we’ll help you get there.

LivingWriter is ever evolving and updating (rarely changing). We listen to the suggestions of our writers and implement things quickly and intuitively. If the way you write doesn’t influence the direction LivingWriter grows, then we’re not doing our job right.





LivingWriter is free to start, so you’ve got nothing to lose.