Best Poem Ideas & Topics: 2021


Have you taken up poetry writing as a creative exercise to harness and hone your writing skills? Or perhaps, you’re a budding poet always searching for inspiration to churn out creativity and find new ways to express yourself? Either way, you’ve come to the right place to explore a wealth of poem ideas to help you channel your inner poet.

Creative prompts and poem starters are immensely helpful when one’s brain seems void and empty of inspiration. We advise budding enthusiasts and seasoned wordsmiths to actively look for inspiration. It’s natural to run out of things to write poems about, and that shouldn’t make you question your creative skills. Even maestros like Shakespeare and Keats had to put in the work and find inspiration after tackling the writer’s block for days, weeks, and months even.

Luckily, unlike Shakespeare and Keats, you have us to supply you with a thought-provoking set of poem ideas to help the creative juices flow. Keep reading to scoop up some fun and thoughtful ideas for your creative poems.

A Trip down Memory Lane

Our creativity is best inspired by our fondest, darkest, and most comforting of memories. The human mind grows and evolves with its experiences, and as a writer or poet, it’s a powerful tool to channel your creativity towards creating something heartfelt, honest, and original.

The idea is to take a trip down memory lane and reflect on your life path, memories, and struggles. Some people find a lot of value and contentment in using their writing skills to facilitate mental catharsis. Basically, they shed the pain of hurtful and dark memories by converting them into powerful poetry and prose.

Do you feel the need to voice certain feelings and emotions or events that you have silenced and caged up in a box you dread opening? Your poetry skills are the perfect tool to start digging this mine of caged emotions and events and turn them into beautiful gems.

You can also tap into your happy and fond memories, like the smell of grandma’s freshly baked scones and sitting atop your father’s shoulders. When one starts wondering what to write a poem about, tapping into one’s memories always proves helpful. Give it a try!

The Bounties of Mother Nature

Mother Nature has inspired millions of artists since the beginning of time, and if you’re a nature lover at heart, this one should come naturally. Nature can inspire some of the best creative poems, and offer you an abundance of poem ideas if you’re willing to take the road less traveled.

Here’s a fun idea: plan a trip to the nearest national park or hiking trails, and spend your day admiring and observing nature. You can catch glorious sunrises and sunsets and watch the golden rays glistening against snow-capped peaks and cascading waterfalls. Be sure to keep a journal around so you can pen your most random thoughts to create heartfelt verses.

Mother Nature is endlessly inspiring, and you will find yourself spoilt for choice while choosing between poetry ideas to work with. We advise tapping into your deepest connections. What aspect of nature do you connect with the most? Is it the summer dew on early morning grass? Or perhaps, watching the orange rays of the sun melt into the ocean?

Tap into the aspects that fascinate you the most, and use your connection with nature to come up with powerful poem starters.

Philosophical Musings

Do you find yourself assessing, observing, and analyzing trivial and mundane details of your life? Do you find yourself replaying events and reflecting on your actions and encounters at the end of each day? Reflection and retrospection are amazingly healthy activities, and we urge you to churn your philosophical musings into thought-provoking poem topics.

You can talk about the diversity and beauty of human nature and use your poetry to reflect upon the nature of human relationships. You can channel your disappointments and philosophical musings on your life events into engaging poem topics that others will find relatable.

Philosophy opens up a broad world of poem ideas to explore, such as human nature, relationships, religion, society, culture, and much more. The deeper you dig, the richer you will find yourself in poem ideas and inspiring topics.

The One Who Got Away

We all find ourselves sifting through regrets on grey and gloomy days when nostalgia hits us hard. These days are a remarkable time to channel your emotions into creativity. We all have a ‘one who got away’ in our lives. For some, this ‘one’ refers to a romantic relationship that couldn’t work out, while for others, it’s an opportunity they missed and regretted.

Either way, thinking about the one thing or person that makes you conjure up endless possibilities of how your life may have turned out is a healthy exercise. It may seem hard to believe, but processing all these regret-laden thoughts through your art is a productive form of mental catharsis.

Use these negative emotions and regret to express your thoughts and write creative poems that beautifully pen down your state of mind. And somewhere in the middle of this exercise, you will find yourself healing and opening up to new adventures and possibilities.

An Ode to Love

Our relationships and bonds inspire some of the most magnificent masterpieces by allowing us to pour our hearts out in our creative endeavors. An ode to love is one of the best poem ideas that allows you to take inspiration from your relationships with your family, partner, friends, and others.

Which relationship inspires you the most? You can capture your relationship with your mother or father in a beautifully penned poem describing their significance and contributions to your life. You can pen down stanzas about your beautiful bond with your family and ponder on your fondest memories as a child or adult.

Romantic relationships are another theme that you can explore in your poems. You can talk about failed relationships and channel the trauma and grief into your art. Or you can talk about how your partner helped you grow and embrace some of the happiest moments of your life. Love is a broad and vibrant subject that opens up so many themes to explore.

You can talk about relationships, unrequited love, motherly bonds, sisterly love, or even marriage. Ultimately, it would help if you tapped into a subject that has significance in your life, something that inspires you to ask questions and seek answers.

Unleash your Fears

Everyone struggles with fears, anxieties, and stressors that keep us from living our best lives. Some are afraid of public speaking and standing out, while others are afraid of being overlooked or overshadowed by the crowd.

Why are we discussing our fears in poem ideas? Because the best poems are heartfelt and stem from the truth and realities of the poet. Using your deepest, most intimate fears to create poetry is a beautiful and intensely vulnerable thing. But it is also one of the most liberating acts that will set you free as, through your poetry, you can finally own and control your fears.

Cruelty & Inequality

The human race has come a long way from the dark days of slavery and inequality, and yet, many of our struggles remain similar to those of hundreds of years ago. Millions feel enraged and dejected by the rampant inequality and discrimination matted out to people from culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds. Movements like Black Lives Matter are a glaring reminder that the fight is still yet to be won.

Do cultural inequality, ethnic discrimination, and marginalization bother you on a personal level? Are you tired of seeing people from your community or other communities being discriminated against and deprived of equal opportunities to grow and thrive? You’re not alone, and we urge you to channel this rage in your poetry to create an impactful body of work that people can relate to.

Addressing subjects like racial discrimination, cruelty, violence, and ethnic inequalities isn’t easy. The experience can prove harrowing, and if you’ve experienced these issues firsthand, writing about your experiences can make you feel quite vulnerable. But on the bright side, penning down your experiences with impactful poem ideas can make you feel powerful.

What’s more, you can share this power with people from culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds, lending your voice and words to voice their struggles.

Guilty Pleasures

We all have guilty pleasures that we indulge and nurture while yearning to quit them for good. For some, it’s a cigarette they shouldn’t smoke, and for others, it’s that extra slice of a chocolate fudge cake.

While guilty pleasures are intensely satisfying, they are not held in high regard, and we are often berated or chided to abandon these habits. And thus ensues a struggle to withhold and the pleasures of giving in. When we examine this model of desire and restraint, we find ourselves exploring a wealth of fascinating concepts around human behavior.

If this is something that fascinates you, why not express your musings with a fun poem idea? You can talk about your love for anything that’s not particularly good for you or accepted in your social circle. You can discuss the themes of restraining yourself and giving in to your desire, or you can talk about how your guilty pleasure makes you feel.

Imagine your guilty pleasure is a person who incites all kinds of passionate emotions in you without making you feel safe and nurtured. All your friends and loved ones encourage you to stay away from this individual, but the desire is too intense for you to control. You find yourself drawn into the fire, only to get burnt, but the satisfaction keeps you coming for more.

We’ve all had relationships like this with people, food, places, and other things in life. Talking about such a relationship would prove fun, and it would help you create something honest and powerfully creative.

Wrapping Up

We firmly believe that the best poem ideas and inspiration always come from within. However, if you can’t find anything inspiring in the recesses of your mind, LivingWriter can prove a reliable partner. Use the plot board to experience an outburst of ideas and get some inspiration to channel your creative energies into a project you can truly feel proud of creating.

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Struggling for inspiration is a familiar ritual for every poet and writer. Consider jazzing up your workstation with new books, wall art, paintings, photography, and inspirational quotes. This way, you will find inspiration every time you glance around at the walls and workstation. We wish you the best of luck with your poetry endeavors!

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