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Are you a writer, content creator, student, journalist, or perhaps, a marketer looking to sharpen your documents, emails, and texts? Grammarly review is a valuable tool to polish your words before sending a final work or publishing a blog on your website.

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Make writing easy with Grammarly trial

Using Grammarly is surprisingly simple, and much like the dictionary on your smartphone’s keypad, it will make your life simpler and your grammar more accurate. If you’re mulling over the pros and cons of getting a Grammarly subscription or wondering if Grammarly is worth it, we are going to make the decision easier for you. 

To start, let’s examine your daily routine and writing rituals. How much time do you spend writing in a day? Are you constantly making posts and promotions on social media, or perhaps, you spend a large part of your time grading academic papers? We advise reflecting on your work routine to assess the value a tool like Grammarly can add to your work. It’s also wise to take a Grammarly trial to use the software and see how it works for you.

Is Grammarly Premium Worth It?

Grammarly Premium is definitely worth it if you don’t want to spend a lot of time proofreading or editing your content or emails. Grammarly review will help you make corrections on the go, and you can add Grammarly to Word or download it to your smartphone. Interestingly, there’s a Grammarly plugin to support every device, from smartphones to laptops and tablets.

It will help you correct your emails, check the spellings, sharpen the clarity and make your words more crafty and presentable. Many people find Grammarly helpful in penning down confident-sounding sentences without any spelling or grammatical errors.

But is a Grammarly subscription worth your money? You don’t need to invest in a subscription if you’re sending out emails and posting on social media. But if your work is being evaluated by an editor, publisher, professor, or a literary body, it’s wise to invest in Grammarly Premium. Many bloggers and website owners find Grammarly review immensely helpful in perfecting their articles and content to win over Google’s SEO algorithms.

To help you decide if you need a Grammarly subscription, let’s dive into the benefits and functionalities of this grammar-check software.

What is Grammarly & How Does it Work?

Grammarly examines the text you have written, a draft, an email, or an article, for grammatical errors and other mistakes. The free version has you covered nicely if you need help correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation. However, suppose you are a seasoned writer or researcher. In that case, Grammarly Premium offers more value by suggesting eloquent writing styles, adding more clarity to your prose, checking your text for plagiarism, and improving your vocabulary.

The Premium version allows you to tailor your content to an audience, choosing between simple, interactive and academic writing styles. If you’re conscious of writing unprofessional emails or getting sloppy while working on your manuscript, a Grammarly subscription can help you create compelling texts.

Grammar Check

Grammar and punctuation checks are the two most common features across the free and paid versions. The software will detect all your grammar errors, fix run-on sentences, commas, and all errors. What’s more, Grammarly will also educate you by explaining why you made a mistake and how you can fix it.


Do you get sloppy with spelling and rely on MS Word to correct you? Grammarly is much more efficient than Word’s built-in spell correctors. It offers superior accuracy and is the best spelling corrector in the market presently.


Grammarly scans the text for plagiarism and presents links to documents on the web carrying identical phrases or sentences. Plagiarism isn’t always intentional. At times, your article or paper can have multiple phrases, terminologies, and sentences already published online. Checking for plagiarism is crucial, especially if you’re going to publish your article online or submit it to an institution for grading or publishing.


Grammarly will detect all redundant and unnecessary words and sentences, offering suggestions to make your text more clear and concise. The software will make suggestions to break complex sentences into smaller sentences, making your text more readable and digestible for the audience.

Writing Styles

The AI-powered software makes the content more interactive and readable for humans by offering a multitude of suggestions. It will provide you with valuable advice to improve your writing style, tailoring the content to your chosen audience. You can choose between a range of settings to tailor your content for general, knowledgeable, or expert readers.

Depending on the level of formality you want, you can customize your goals when you’re writing a technical, academic, or interactive piece. This feature is indeed Grammarly’s most undervalued functionality, and with time, it’s normal for a writer to start relying on the software for its support.

Do you need Grammarly?

This Grammarly review is written to help you decide if you truly need to invest in this software which brings us to an important question: How much is Grammarly going to cost you?

You can use Grammarly for free, without paying a single dime, and take advantage of a wealth of features without imposing any restrictions. There is no limit or trial period, and you can add it to all your devices to ensure accuracy in your emails, social media posts, and Word documents.

But if you want to learn and improve your work as a writer, and ensure premium quality content every single time you hit the publish button, you will find Grammarly Premium immensely helpful. It’s wise to get the premium version if you’re a budding journalist, researcher, writer, or blogger. Even students will find the Premium version immensely supportive in improving their written submissions and grades.

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Grammarly Pricing:

Here’s a breakdown of the cost:

Annually: $144.00 ($12.00 per month)

Quarterly: $60.00 ($20.00 per month)

Monthly: $30.00

Businesspersons and marketers should consider investing in the Grammarly Business version, which comes with a price tag of $12.50 per month when paid annually.

So, now that we’ve reviewed the prices, do you think Grammarly Premium is worth your money? If you ask us, we recommend all writers, marketers, students, and researchers to invest in this top-rated grammar checker.

If your messages and content carry significance, be it in the form of a text, a tweet, an email, an article, or a research paper, bad grammar can ruin the impression. In contrast, flawless grammar and error-free content make a good impression, allowing the audience to resonate with your message.

Whether you are a writer, marketer, social media influencer, or academician, your writing represents your personality, and you want this impression to be devoid of errors and confusion. If you’re still skeptical about this purchase, keep reading to explore some compelling reasons why Grammarly Premium can help you improve as a writer.

Reasons to Pay for a Grammarly Subscription

Grammarly Premium may set you back by a few dollars, but if the quality of your writing matters, it offers numerous advantages to help you improve. It won’t waste your time, and you can proofread and edit on the go to save time and energy. It will sharpen and enhance the clarity of your content, and tailor your text to match the tone and style of your chosen audience.

This Grammarly review will walk you through some compelling reasons to get a subscription and try it for yourself.

Improving Content Quality

Grammarly Premium can help you improve your content quality, eliminate errors, and improve your writing style. It’s common for writers to struggle with tone, sentence construction, and vocabulary. A helpful software like Grammarly will improve every single sentence you’ve written, making it much easier to write and share information.

The best part is, using Grammarly doesn’t demand you to become a tech whizz. It’s an amazingly user-friendly software, and there’s literally no effort. Grammarly will fix all your mistakes to ensure your document is error-free by the time you’re finished writing. If you don’t want to deal with any complexities or hassle, Grammarly is just what you need.

You can download Grammarly with a browser extension, a web tool, add Grammarly to Word, the mobile app, or the desktop app. There’s a variety of versions that you can choose, depending on your needs. We recommend the Microsoft Word add-in for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive support to writers and researchers.

When we say Grammarly is the best grammar checker out there, we know that for a fact because we’ve tried many substitutes, like ProWritingAid and PaperRater, amongst others. Presently, there is no solution that can rival the efficiency and user-friendliness of Grammarly.

A Versatile Solution

We love that Grammarly is an amazingly versatile solution, and it serves the purpose of everyone, from students and writers to marketers and business people.

Suppose you want to improve your emails and tweets, while your partner wants a grammar checker for her blog, and your children need help with their academic submissions. In that case, Grammarly Premium is a comprehensive and efficient solution for the entire family.

The same applies to marketing teams, bloggers, journalists, and writers. Everyone can use Grammarly to improve their grammar, elevate their writing styles and improve their craft. It supports casual musings, academic writing, interactive blogging, formal emails and memos, and much more.

As we examine the functionality of Grammarly, we must understand the effort and innovation that goes into designing and improving this software. The software is continually improved by skilled computational linguists and deep-learning engineers who constantly improve the algorithms by examining millions of research databases.

Over the years, Grammarly has impressed us greatly by the distinction and perfection it has achieved with continual innovation.

Supports Continual Learning

Grammarly supports learning and improvement to help you improve your writing skills without really trying. Who has the time to brush up on their tenses, relearn spellings, or take a crash course in English grammar? Most of the time, it’s hard to make time for writing and blogging, and when you finally start penning down your thoughts, you don’t want errors and mistakes to ruin your prose.

Is grammarly premium worth it? Tired writer realizes it is
Writing can be a tedious job if you’re stuck in proofreading every minute. Add Grammarly to Word and save yourself the hassle!

Grammarly allows you to learn and relearn grammatical concepts and spellings without actually trying to learn. It offers an unconscious trick of learning and improving that eliminates the effort of embracing new concepts and relearning old ones.

Bloggers and writers have much to gain by investing in Grammarly, especially if you think your writing skills could use some improvement. Grammarly also has an attractive affiliate program that you can incorporate into your blog or website. It offers excellent blogger support, and the eligibility criteria for the affiliate program aren’t too rigid, as long as you blog consistently.

Final Thoughts

So, have you made up your mind if Grammarly is worth your money or not? It’s a tricky decision, and if this Grammarly review doesn’t have you entirely convinced, we advise taking a Grammarly trial to try the software for yourself. However, keep in mind that the premium version offers many upgrades and additional functionalities.

Struggling writers always find support in user-friendly platforms that improve their work with an enriching learning experience. Say hello to a world of endless inspiration without having to worry about making writing mistakes ever again!

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