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Why LivingWriter is The Best Scrivener Alternative

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Why LivingWriter is The Best Scrivener Alternative 9

You know what Bukowski said about writing, don’t you? If you have to sit for hours staring at your computer screen or hunched over your typewriter searching for words, don’t do it. Thankfully, we now have a system to help our creative juices flow with its top-notch functionality, and no it’s not confusing or glitchy like Scrivener. Presenting to you a scrivener alternative that will turn your dream of becoming an author into a very possible reality – say hello to LivingWriter!

When software is designed keeping just your requirements in mind, it shows through with ease of access, dependability, design, and support. LivingWriter is for writers what writing is to you. It lets you plot, write, and organize your book, then export it for publishing, all in one place. As an alternative to scrivener, LivingWriter offers much more versatility and performance capabilities than its counterpart, making your work process just so much easier.

Let’s take a deeper look at what makes it the best Scrivener alternative, and why we think it’s not just a good substitute but is actually quite out of Scrivener’s league!

User Interface

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Why LivingWriter is The Best Scrivener Alternative 10

Let’s start with the most basic thing, the appearance and user interface (UI). The first thing you’ll notice when you switch to LivingWriter is its contemporary UI. Every tool is organized in its proper location, and the arrangement is flawless. This interface appears to be quite similar to that of Google Docs. Scrivener, on the other hand, is outdated and in need of a major structural overhaul.


The overall appearance of LivingWriter is soothing and quite engaging. From colors to text, the contrast, the layout, and the accuracy of options, all make the experience of our scrivener alternative modern and charming. Simply put, LivingWriter looks stunning. The aesthetic appeal is undeniably superior to Scrivener’s clumsy, cluttered appearance, giving it an easy lead over the latter.

No Learning Curve

When it comes to buying Scrivener, rest assured that you’ll need to invest hundreds of extra dollars only to learn how to use it. There are training courses, e-books, documents, and whatnot – all because Scrivener’s system is just that complicated. At the absolute least, users are required to watch hour-long YouTube videos to learn how to make most of their investment there. In comparison, scrivener alternative LivingWriter is a breath of fresh air.

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Why LivingWriter is The Best Scrivener Alternative 11

LivingWriter has no such learning curve because the developers gave quite a bit of thought to how modern tools work and how they can incorporate complex options into it without overburdening the user. Scrivener is complex and has an out-of-date UI because it was designed over a decade ago. Scrivener has indicated that they do not intend to rewrite the application to make it more user-friendly.

Story Elements

LivingWriter boasts tons of small improvements and new features periodically. However, one of the smartest features that stands out is Story Elements. It not only lets you personalize your tale components such as characters, places, or subjects, but you can also add nifty notes and descriptions for record-keeping.

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Why LivingWriter is The Best Scrivener Alternative 12

Want to give your character a unique avatar? Upload it as a story element and it will pop up with a quick overview of the character’s specific traits just when you need it.

Smart Text and Autocomplete

When you’re writing a novel, it’s highly likely to jumble bits of information or even miss something important because of information overload. Not anymore!

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Story Elements on LivingWriter

LivingWriter automatically suggests story elements from the information you stored, allowing you to select a word and bring up relevant information about it on the right sidebar. This option helps you complete your sentences swiftly, making the task stress-free and accurate. Now isn’t that just very smart?!

Scrivener and LivingWriter Goals

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Why LivingWriter is The Best Scrivener Alternative 13

LivingWriter and Scrivener both let you set up goals that show up on the right side of your panel to help you keep track of them. But there are two key differences between them: LivingWriter has an intuitive and pleasant way with a modern interface to keep you notified of your set goals. On the other hand, Scrivener has the interface setup in a popup box with a dull layout that looks a decade old.

NaNoWriMo Integration

Another major difference between the goals, and one important for novelists, is that LivingWriter allows NaNoWriMo integration. You can keep track of your work, establish goals, interact with other authors in a large community, and participate in their events. The integration and support for NaNoWriMo is a game-changer and one of the best features of LivingWriter that doesn’t let you miss out on anything! Scrivener offers no such abilities or integrations.

Shareable Stories

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Why LivingWriter is The Best Scrivener Alternative 14

Most of us write for the world to see our perspective, our unique story, creativity, and the message behind our words. It means that sharing what we write is important, and integral. Let’s take a look at what that looks like for each of these apps.

In Scrivener, you have to back up your files in a folder that is compressed as a ZIP file and then stored on your hard drive. You can then attach it to an email and send it to your friends or peers. YAWN! With LivingWriter, you can simply create a shareable link of your work with a single click!

The shareable link can open in any browser, and it gets updated in real-time.

Online vs. Offline

Both apps allow you to drag and drop chapters and subchapters, use predefined layouts, corkboards, and chapter notes. However, because LivingWriter is cloud-based software, you can access your work from anywhere as long as you have a computer and an active internet connection. Another advantage of the Scrivener alternative is that it is always up to date, and you don’t have to manually update it. Scrivener, on the other hand, is only downloadable and offers no web-based functionality.

Co-author and Collaboration

Scrivener saves your documents locally on your computer. It is not feasible to collaborate in real-time, and you must export your article each time you submit it to the co-authors or the editor. In short, there is no ability to co-author or collaborate in Scrivener. Hence arises the need for an alternative to Scrivener.

LivingWriter lets you interact with your co-authors or editors in real-time. Sharing your document is swift and hassle-free, making it the best Scrivener alternative you can find.

In a nutshell, LivingWriter is hands down the best Scrivener alternative not just for the amount of time it saves but also for its specific writer-friendly capabilities. It is equipped with modern solutions and integrations that a writer needs in 2021. Scrivener feels like a decade-old platform, and LivingWriter is the enhanced, improved, and modern version of it. LivingWriter is a revolutionary cloud-based Scrivener alternative that everyone needs to know about!

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