The Beauty of Book Writing Software

book writing software

Technology has come a long way in all areas of our daily life, whether it is related to basic needs or tools for work, such as book writing software. Up until the last century people used to make their works by hand, which was a very time-consuming and expensive practice. This improved with time when the materials for writing, like pencils and paper sheets, became progressively cheaper and better...

Writing a PhD with LivingWriter

Writing a PhD

For any student, be it young or old, writing a PhD thesis always feels like doing a monumental work, and it kind of is. It involves countless hours of research, thinking and raw effort yet the result is also very rewarding. It represents the culmination of possibly years of study and the start of a new stage in life. That being said, there are great tools to help out the soon-to-be professionals...

How to Write a LitRPG

LitRPG novel

There’s a new subgenre budding in the science-fiction and fantasy space, aptly named LitRPG, short for Literary/Literature RPG. Although it is a relatively niche space, the subgenre has a strong, passionate following. LitRPG satisfies the exact fantasy of living inside a game or a similar game-like environment, working around world rules and systems. The Gods’ Game series is one of the...

Writing the Best Villain


“Where would a good hero be without a villain? I mean, why would the hero even need to save the day? There is no bad guy.” And so you see, every author needs to write a villain for their novel. But a great novel needs an even greater villain. As it’s the villain who will oppose the hero and try to thwart any attempts at saving the day. Because of this, it should be clear it’s the villain who...

Tips for Writing Horror Novels

horror novels

There was a time when horror books were extremely popular. The same can’t be said today, as crime and thriller novels have knocked horror novels off the perch of bestsellers. That being said, there’s still a huge fan base hunting for the next best horror novel. So if you’re looking to break into the horror genre then look no further. Here are some tips to get you started. Remember, You’re Writing...

Writing Mystery Novels with LivingWriter

Writing Mystery Novels LivingWriter

Writing mystery novels requires a lot of thought. The aim is to keep the readers guessing right until the last page. Twists and turns are required to keep the readers engaged and on their toes. To achieve this you need to go through a meticulous process of planning and presentation. It all inevitably begins with one thing: Read, read and re-read The easiest way to learn this process is to read...

Writing Great Fantasy Characters with LivingWriter

Writing Fantasy Characters with LivingWriter

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, writing a great plot for your fantasy novel is not enough for it to be considered among the greats. To be included in the list of great fantasy novels you need an amazing plot and subplots, a perfect premise, and vitally, characters who leap off the page. Sound easy? Probably not, but let’s make the writing fantasy characters part easier for you. Make your...

Tips on Writing a Monologue


Writing a monologue can be challenging because they have to show character and plot detail without bogging down the play or making the audience yawn. A successful dramatic monologue should indicate what’s in the mind of one character while adding emotion or wow-factor to the rest of the play. You may choose to write a monologue to add pepper to the play or raise the stakes in general. Most...

World-Building with LivingWriter

best writing app for world-building

The world-building process is a crucial concept of several genres of fiction construction particularly science fiction and fantasy writing.  If you’re a fantasy or sci-fi writer and searching for ways to spice up your world-building, you’re in the right place. Here are several tips on world-building for your next epic fantasy book or a realistic science-fiction work. 10 World...

5 Writing Tips From Best Selling Author Ivy Smoak


Our interview with international best selling author Ivy Smoak was even more than we could have hoped for. In this enlightening interview, Ivy shares her untapped secrets to selling more than a million copies. We were floored to see just how many secrets and writing tips she was willing to share. With no formal training, Ivy was not intending to have as much success as she came into. It was only...