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Tips on Finding A Literary Agent in 2021

literary agent

You’ve written your first exceptional masterpiece and you feel it is time to share your debut with the world, starting with an agent who can help you get your book in the hands of millions of readers out there! But how do you do that? Before you start cold-calling every literary agent, the first step is to be your biggest advocate. This involves investing the time to carefully look into agents...

What Does In Media Res Mean?

in media res

The phrase in media res is Latin for the English term “in the midst of things”. Ever watched a movie or read a book where the past is explained in the middle of the plot? That’s what in media res means- the writer cleverly skips character descriptions, world-building, and the backstory to achieve certain things which will be outlined below.  In media res was initially coined by the lyrical...

What is Kindle Vella

kindle vella

Amazon launched this new serialized reading platform in April 2021, complete with pre-loaded stories from different authors to appeal to the young audience. But while the serialization market is already dominated by apps like Radish and Wattpad, Amazon’s Kindle Vella proves a worthy investment for both authors and readers.  This post uncovers why you should book yourself a sweet spot on...

How to Publish on Google Books

google books

As the publishing industry continues to deviate from traditional printing, budding authors like yourself might be attracted to these newer options. Kindle Direct Publishing is one of the most prominent online publishing platforms nowadays, but there are far more than just Amazon’s marketplace where you can put up your book. If you did not opt into KDP Select, then you might also want to...

How to Publish On Amazon

publish on amazon

More and more authors are looking to release their books on Amazon. And with it being the key retailer for books internationally, it makes perfect sense! However, if you take some wrong steps in publishing on Amazon, your book results may be less than satisfactory. However, fret not, as we have written this article to specifically help you in this journey of getting your book out to the world...

Gardener vs Architect, Which Type Suits You Best

gardener vs architect

Some writers excel at spontaneously writing any ideas that pop into their minds. On the other hand, some approach writing in a much more methodical way, planning every step of the process. The first type of writer mentioned is the “gardener”, while the second one is the “architect”. Which is better, the gardener vs architect, and which suits you better? The Gardener The gardener is aptly called...

How to be Confident in Your Writing

confident in your writing

Have you ever felt that your writing lacks quality, that no matter what you do, it never seems to improve? If so, my friend, you need to learn how to be more confident in your writing. A lack of self-confidence, no matter what it may be related to, tends to cause poor results and consequently, get even worse as time goes on. For this reason, you need to work on improving that aspect of yourself...

Writing the Best Villain


“Where would a good hero be without a villain? I mean, why would the hero even need to save the day? There is no bad guy.” And so you see, every author needs to write a villain for their novel. But a great novel needs an even greater villain. As it’s the villain who will oppose the hero and try to thwart any attempts at saving the day. Because of this, it should be clear it’s the villain who...

Best Writing Apps for Blog Posts

best writing apps

Though writing blog posts is relatively easy, organizing them can be challenging especially if you’ve been writing almost daily for over a year. Managing all these blogs could be a nightmare if you want to sort them manually. Let’s take a look at why LivingWriter is one of the best writing apps for blog posts. This post highlights how LivingWriter can be a lifesaver for writers who...

Writing Mystery Novels with LivingWriter

Writing Mystery Novels LivingWriter

Writing mystery novels requires a lot of thought. The aim is to keep the readers guessing right until the last page. Twists and turns are required to keep the readers engaged and on their toes. To achieve this you need to go through a meticulous process of planning and presentation. It all inevitably begins with one thing: Read, read and re-read The easiest way to learn this process is to read...