How LivingWriter’s AI Story Summarization Works

LivingWriter Ai Summarization Feature Image
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It’s easy to drown in the details when a novel gets lengthy. This is common when trying to get a feel for what info is where (did x, y, or z happen in chapter 3?) or provide a synopsis of a section for someone else. Many writers struggle with information overload, making extracting the essence of their work challenging. With LivingWriter’s new AI Summarize feature, you distill entire chapters into concise summaries with just a few clicks.

Let’s look at how LivingWriter’s AI story summarization works:

Using the AI story summarization tool is easy – Highlight the portion of text you want to summarize, open the AI dropdown menu atop your manuscript, and click “AI Summarize.” Within a few seconds, you’ll be shown the original text and a short, concise, summarized version.

As you read on, you’ll discover how this tool can streamline your writing process and boost your productivity. I’ll go over using the features in more depth, show some examples, and discuss a few other things that the AI story summarization offers you that haven’t been mentioned yet. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How LivingWriter’s AI Story Summary Works

When opening an existing manuscript on LivingWriter, you’ll be greeted with whatever section you last worked on. Once you’ve found a section you want to summarize, highlight the text in question, open the AI features section atop the manuscript and page, and select AI Summarize.

LivingWriter AI Summerize Feature Button
LivingWriter AI Summary Button

This process takes only a few minutes, and then you’ll be shown the original text and the summarized version. Here is an example:

A summarized portion of text form LivingWriter's AI Summarize feature
A summarized portion of text.

Beyond the summary, you’ll also be shown an AI Rewite suggestion for the summarized text. This gives you some feedback on the section and possible improvements. If you opt to take the advice, with the click of a button, the AI will rewrite the section based on the suggestions:

A rewrite suggestion for a summarized section of text
A rewrite suggestion for a summarized section of text


LivingWriter aims to give writers everything they need directly in their word processor. That said, we’re constantly adding features to make writers’ lives easier. The AI summarize tool helps you quickly generate a synopsis of a given section and offers suggestions for improvement.

Beyond simply condensing lengthy paragraphs, the AI Summarize feature can also be utilized for quick reviews of your work, aiding in identifying areas of focus and potential revisions. Additionally, it is a valuable tool for collaboration, enabling writers to share succinct summaries with colleagues or beta readers for feedback.

At LivingWriter, we believe that great writing is about more than just putting words on a page – it’s about crafting a story, screenplay, or research paper that resonates with your readers.