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research board
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Here at LivingWriter we value the feedback from our community more than anything else. So in line with the constant communication between our team and our users, we’re always looking to improve the writing software and continue to evolve. In response to an overwhelming amount of requests, we’re proud to announce our newest feature, the Research Board.

What is it about?

One of our flagship features, the Board, has now been updated, and when you click on it not only will you see the other well-known features of Outlines and Chapters and Story Elements, but also a new one, the Research feature.

research board

When you click on it you will be met with a box that says, “New Research Section”, which allows you to add as many research sections as you want to, along with a matching picture to ease identification of the subject matter.

research board

Afterward, you click on the box of the subject you are currently doing research on and this will show you 4 drop lists, which are Articles, Images, Documents, and Notes, respectively.

research board

Now, every time you find some good research material like an article or document, or if you just had a thought or idea you want to follow up on later, you click on Add New and select the type of input you wish to add.

The Purpose

As its name implies, the Research Board is meant to be used as a tool to research any important matters related to your story, as can be, for example, the cultural characteristics of a certain region which could serve you to construct the setting of your story, or the political and economic structure of a feudal society when writing a medieval fantasy novel, and many others.

This feature aims to provide a separate space in which our writers can comfortably work on any research that their works might require.

 Gone are the days when you had to use general-purpose features like Story notes or Global notes to work on your research, or even worse, use a separate notebook or even another app, which is especially frustrating when working on something that needs tons of research, as is the case with a Ph.D. thesis, for example.

Now, you can simply add in anything you want in the Research Board and keep things neat and organized, so don’t wait too long and go check it out!

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