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New Feature Alert! Set Writing Goals For Your Story


You spoke – we listened. Based on suggestions from numerous users, we’ve introduced LivingWriter Writing Goals.  You can now add word goals for individual chapters, or for your entire story. If you set a deadline for when you want your story or chapter to be complete, then LivingWriter will automatically calculate your daily word goal in order for you to reach your overall goal...

No More Boring Book Cover Art

storyist review

Your stories page doesn’t have to look bland any longer. You can now upload book cover art to all your stories. We love to hear from our users and implement changes right away! This new feature suggested by one of our loyal users was implemented immediately because we loved it so much. Having customized cover art designers on our team is on the roadmap. But in the meantime, a really simple...

Outlining Your Book With The Story Circle


What is Dan Harmon’s Story Circle? American writer Dan Harmon has not just gifted the great animated series Rick and Morty to the world, but also his story circle. The story circle is largely influenced by Joseph Campbell and his “hero’s journey,” simplified to be applicable to any story. The story circle encompasses a narrative that we can find in all major myths, movies, and...

Dan Wells Seven Point Story Structure


What is the Seven Point Story Structure? Dan Wells popularized the Seven Point Story Structure as a way to guide authors when planning and outlining their novel. The Seven Point Story Structure has a similar basic structure as the 27 Chapter Method, which breaks down a novel into three main parts: the start, middle, and end. However, this method of story structure is more on the overview of a...

How To Have Confidence In Your Writing

confidence in your writing

It’s not easy to have confidence in your writing. Especially if you’re yet to publish. Writing is a vulnerable art. You’re exposing the inner workings of your mind for the world to see. But the first thing to understand is that your writing doesn’t have to be perfect. Even the best selling authors and writers, draft, re-draft, and rewrite before even their editors get to...

Introducing Dark Mode on LivingWriter

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You spoke – we listened. Based on user feedback and suggestions, we’ve introduced LivingWriter in Dark Mode. Here’s why we love it. First of all, we can all admit that this looks amazing. Giving you that sleek look that we always love. But it’s also much easier on the eyes. Especially for those of you who are writing for hours on end (go you!). Americans on...

LivingWriter Vs Scrivener Review

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Scrivener Is Outdated There are some major setbacks that you will find in any Scrivener review. This is what sets LivingWriter apart. Scrivener is similar to LivingWriter in terms of features. We both have drag and drop chapters and subchapters, templates, virtual corkboards, dark mode, and chapter notes. But there are some major differences between LivingWriter and Scrivener. The first major...

Best-selling Authors Reveal Their Daily Writing Habits

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Daily writing habits will be essential to your growth as a writer. When you look at the top performers in any field, there’s one thing they all have in common. It goes much deeper than intelligence, intuition, or skill. They possess a willingness to do the work that needs to be done. They are the masters of their daily habits. Best-selling authors are no different. Here are some examples of...

LivingWriter Vs Storyist Review

storyist review

Storyist Misses The Mark Any Storyist review will tell you that it still resembles Microsoft Word circa 2005. Storyist looks a bit more updated than programs like Scrivener and FinalDraft which have very old interfaces, however, they are still missing the mark when it comes to user interface and experience. One of the biggest issues with Storyist is that they tried to capture the market of both...

Break Free From Writer’s Block

writer's block

Maya Angelou spoke on writer’s block in a way that no one else could. She once said: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” We love to see our writers succeed, it’s literally our favorite thing in the world. We know writing isn’t easy, and we wanted to share some of our favorite tips to help expand your brain and let your creativity flow. Here are...