Travel Writer’s Guide To Valencia

travel writer's guide to valencia
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This Travel Writer’s Guide To Valencia focuses not only on a guide to travel but specifically with the needs of a writer in mind. A traveling writer needs to know the history, where to find inspiration, a great place to write, and a great place to lay their head. That way all your energy can funnel into creating!


One of the oldest cities in Spain, Valencia was originally named Valentia Edatanorum by the Romans in 138 BC. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the city was taken over by the Catholic Church.

With the vibe of a European island, it’s no surprise that Valencia drew the interest of Earnest Hemmingway. Valencia was the perfect writing environment for him to complete his first celebrated novel The Sun Also Rises. In his novel, Hemmingway expresses the relaxed mood of the city, which remains there a century later.

Valencia once again gave Hemmingway the basis for another novel For Who The Bell Tolls.



While you could easily find your inspiration in Valencia strolling through the gardens or the old city streets, here are a few places that you might find particularly inspiring:

1. Hemmingway’s Valencia

Take a tour through Valencia through the eyes of Hemmingway. See the places that inspired the work for his novels.


2. Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

A cultural and architectural complex which is an incredibly building inside and out, with an restaurant overlooking the immense fountain.


3. Plaza del Ayuntamiento

A great place to people watch is this beautiful tree lined square, filled with decadent buildings constructed during Valencia’s golden age.


Writing Places

Although it is considered to be the third-largest city in Spain, Valencia has an unusually relaxed vibe compared with Barcelona or Madrid. There may be fewer work cafes however the ambiance is sure to inspire.

1. Jardins del Reial

Valencia is home to vast gardens brimming with exotic birds, people, animals, and plants. It truly feels like another world. This is an amazing place to spend your day writing and feeling inspired.

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2. Federal Valencia

A beautiful coffee shop with great food and plenty of indoor seating.

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3. Los Picos Cafe

This cafe is more casual than others however it is a great place to do some work, with indoor and outdoor seating.

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4. Santander Work Cafe

This cafe is not as eclectic as the others or as inspiring as a garden however it is designed to get the job done!

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Travel Tips

Where to stay: The “old town” in Valencia, The Ciutat Vella is a quaint Medieval quarter. Like many European old towns, the streets are winding and there are many sights.

Less touristy than The Ciutat Vella is the central neighborhood Ruzafa. THis neighborhood has a more local feel and plenty of nightlife.

If you’re likely to spend most of your time at the beach then you should stay near El Cabanyal or Malvarrosa Beach.

Our top recommendation for Valencia is this lovely mid-range hotel inside to the old town. The hotel features a restaurant, spa, gym and kitchen within the room, making it incredibly accommodating.

Hotel Plaza Mercado & Spa

Getting around: However relaxed, Valencia is still considered a major city and therefor is easy to traverse with metro, cabs, and Cabify. It is also a very walkable city so you will likely not have to use any form of transportation aside from getting to and from the airport.

When to go: The best time to visit Valencia is in the spring. April and May will be warm but there will not be many crowds in the city. You can also go in the summer as it does not get overly hot.

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