Writing Prompts for Kids

writing prompts for kids
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Creative writing is an essential skill for young children that both teachers and parents should embrace. Though not every child will grow up to be a writer, creative writing serves to boost the kid’s overall writing skills, which are important in life. And there is nothing better for improving your child’s writing skills than using writing prompts for kids.

We’ve compiled some beneficial writing prompts to help your kid get started. 

The Importance of Writing Prompts for Kids 

Apart from developing a creative masterpiece in the future, there are other advantages of assisting your child to write prompts such as stimulating their young minds. 

Teaching your child or young student writing skills boosts other areas of their life such as:

Communication skills: Writing prompts enhances a child’s oral and written communication skills. The kid becomes more comfortable expressing their emotions and thoughts.

Knowledge: Creative writing enables the child to learn other stuff such as writing styles, vocabulary and grammar. 

Memory: Even small writing assignments will improve your child’s memory enabling them to retain more information. The kid also processes what has been learned, which builds his or her long-term recognition potential. 

Animal-Based Writing Prompts for Kids 

Most children adore animals. Even for those who don’t, thinking about and making up animal characters in their minds fuels their imagination and creativity. 

Below are some prompt writing ideas that will help your kid get started:

  • Write a story about a family of squirrels living in a tree. How do they live?
  • Imagine instead of cars, everyone had flying ponies. How would life be?
  • If you have a pet, what do you like to do to keep it happy? If not, what pet do you wish you had? 
  • Write about a world full of animals alone. What would their life be like?
  • A baby zebra watches his mommy get eaten by a lion. How does he survive? How does he find another family? 

If you ever start running low in ideas, don’t forget that among LivingWriter features are the “Story Templates”. These templates offer a wide range of ideas to start a story, so if you need some inspiration, know we can help you out!

Fiction Writing Prompts for Kids 

Fiction is all about imagination and kids are full of it! So it’s never too early to teach your kid fiction writing. Their character and plot creation may not be 100% accurate but they sure can narrate creative stories.

Start training your child on how to be a better writer by beginning with short narrative stories of fiction. Writing longer fiction stories is hard for a child as their concentration span is too small at that stage. 

Using LivingWriter’s book writing template will be of great assistance as it divides the story into Chapters and Sub chapters and each Chapter has its Story Elements. Guide your child through this process for an easier and enjoyable writing experience. Don’t forget to check it out!writing prompts for kids

Use these simple fiction writing prompt ideas to help your child create a visionary fiction story:

  • If you were to have superpowers, which ones would they be and how would you use them?
  • If you were to take part in a treasure hunt in the Amazon forest, how would you play the game?
  • Imagine traveling back in time by 1000 years. What would life be like at that time?
  • If your doctor told you, you only have a day to live, what would you do on your last day?
  • Write a story about Toby the ant. 
  • You wake up one morning and realize you have the power to read people’s minds. How would you use this power for your advantage?

Classical Writing Prompts for Kids 

Historical writing can be an amusing way to get your kids to learn those historical facts and events they find boring in school. So you can use writing prompts to make history lessons fun and enjoyable. LivingWriter’s book writing template comes in handy here too. History can be confusing and complex but it might help if you layout the information in a structured manner. 

The following are some example questions for historical writing prompts:

  • What, according to you, led to the celebration of Thanksgiving?
  • Because technology wasn’t as it is now in the 1800s, what do you think kids did for fun then?
  • Describe how people used to travel in history before there were aeroplanes and automobiles.
  • Imagine your family was the first monarch to rule over England, what would life be like? 
  • If you were to travel back in time to meet one of the inventors in history, who would it be and why? 

Inspiring Writing Prompts for Kids 

Apart from the excitement of writing short stories, a kid will also benefit from cognitive stimulation. To achieve this, try journals or simple writing activities. 

Use these prompts and exercises to juggle their minds. Encourage your child to answer as many questions as possible with all the details they can think of. 

  • Write about the most boring day you’ve ever had. 
  • If you received $2000 on your birthday, describe what you would do with it. 
  • Which is your favorite animal and why?
  • If a genie asked to grant you three wishes, what would you ask for?
  • If you were to trade one of your talents for another, what would it be and why?
  • Write a letter to yourself to read when you turn 18. 

Stimulate your Kid’s Mind with Writing Prompts 

By using these writing prompts, you are prepping your kid to be the next generation best author, creator or writer. Nurture their writing skills early and encourage them to learn and improve.

Kids often struggle with poor grammar, punctuation and sentence construction. It might help to introduce them to Grammarly which will help to fix and polish up such errors for excellent work. 

As your child gets older, introduce them to LivingWriter, which offers a series of templates that help them learn about character and story structure development. LivingWriter’s intuitive interface is self-explanatory and very easy to use which makes it the best writing app for kids. 

Get scribbling with LivingWriter for a pleasurable writing experience with your kids! 

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