LivingWriter Vs Scrivener Review

Scrivener Is Outdated

There are some major setbacks that you will find in any Scrivener review. This is what sets LivingWriter apart. Scrivener is similar to LivingWriter in terms of features. We both have drag and drop chapters and subchapters, templates, virtual corkboards, dark mode, and chapter notes. But there some major differences between LivingWriter and Scrivener.

scrivener review

The first major difference between LivingWriter and Scrivener is the user experience. Anyone who’s ever used Scrivener or read a Scrivener review knows that it’s a big to-do. There are trainings that cost thousands of dollars just to teach you how to use the features of Scrivener. At the very least you need to watch YouTube videos and read their tutorial which reads like a manuscript.

In fact, the difficult user experience of Scrivener is one of the reasons that LivingWriter was developed. It seemed about time that there was a book writing app that lived up to the technology of 2020.

Scrivener is so complicated and has such an outdated interface because it was originally created over a decade ago. They have stated that they do not plan to rebuild the program to create a more user-friendly experience.

Why LivingWriter Is Better

LivingWriter has the same features as Scrivener, but with a much cleaner and intuitive interface. This image shows a view of your main screen while you type. A clean interface that can toggle between your notes or your goals.

Another concern with Scrivener is that it isn’t web or cloud-based so you can’t access your work from just any device. You can only sync your files if you use a third-party storage service.

There’s also no co-author or editing capabilities with Scrivener, whereas with LivingWriter you can collaborate in real-time with anyone. Scrivener does have some screenwriting capabilities that LivingWriter is lacking. But if you’re not writing a screenplay, then LivingWriter is the ideal choice for fiction and non-fiction writers.

scrivener review

LivingWriter also has the easiest to use templates for authors. All you need to do is pick any one of the time-tested templates like Story Circle, 27 Chapter Method, Seven Point Story, and Three Act Structure, and LivingWriter will walk you through how to use it. All you need to do is plug in your ideas and LivingWriter will do the rest.

You can customize the look of your masterpiece by adding cover art to all your stories. Helping you visualize your final published draft.

Another one of LivingWriter’s amazing features is the ability to customize your story elements like your characters, locations, and topics. Add notes and descriptions and even upload a photo. Even more unique is our smart text capabilities that recognize your story elements as you type! 

LivingWriter will automatically link the story element as you type, giving you the option to click on the word which will bring up all your juicy details on the right sidebar.

LivingWriter will give you the easiest, most helpful, and most enjoyable writing experience of your life. With no learning curve required! 


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