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How to Publish on Kindle

publish on kindle

You are ready to call yourself a bona fide author with a book title under their name. You look for ways to publish your first book, and Kindle pops as an amazing platform where you can publish your work for free! The thing is, you know not a single thing on how to publish on Kindle, much less self-publish at all! Kindle is a great platform for independent and new writers to get their first works...

Mystery Series Writing with LivingWriter

mystery series writing

Among the book genres, mystery is one which is often serialized into a series of novels. Whether it’s episodic or covering an overarching plot, mystery series have been enjoyed by its readers for decades and years on end.  Mystery readers enjoy solving crimes together with the main character. However, the challenge of writing a mystery series is definitely greater than writing a single book...

How To Write a Series with LivingWriter

write a series

Writing a single book is hard work by itself, so it is understandable that entertaining the idea of writing a series of books can be out of your league. However, writing a series of books can do wonders for you as an author, not least of all developing a loyal fanbase who would be looking forward to your next releases. Book series build good readerships. However, we are not going to sugarcoat the...

Fantasy Series Writing with LivingWriter

fantasy series writing

Gone are the days when fantasy novels were niche and only really appealed to specific cult followings, as fantasy series now take on mainstream media, with Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Maze Runner, and many other titles gaining household fame. There’s no better time to write a fantasy series than today! Like J.K. Rowling’s dragons, fantasy series writing is a great beast to tame. Fantasy...

How to Write a Literature Review for a Research Paper

write a literature review

It might already be that time of your academic career to start writing your thesis or dissertation. No matter what field you are writing about, you will almost always have to write a literature review for your paper. No doubt the bulk of your research, the literature review is an important part of your research paper, and its writing difficulty properly reflects its significance. Of course, even...

How to Write a Synopsis for a Novel

write a synopsis

After the grueling journey of writing your manuscript, you are now ready to pitch your novel to agents and publishers. However, the writing does not stop here; as part of the submission that you have to send out to the agents, you also have to write a synopsis for your novel. Submitting your manuscript to agents needs more than just your novel. A synopsis may just be a summary of your novel, but...

How to Write a Foreword for a Book


As an up-and-coming writer who might have had a few good books under your belt, you might be surprised that a friend of yours has asked you to write a foreword for their book. That sounds sweet and all, except for the glaring fact that you might have no idea what a foreword is, much less how to write one! Books can have many parts, including the foreword that your friend asked you to write. Well...

Tips for Writing a Personal Statement

writing a personal statement

If you are a prospective college applicant, then you have most likely met the grand challenge of writing a personal statement. Personal statements are part of the requirements for many college applications, as a way for the university to know more about you beyond your grades. However, you will realize that things about you might not come as naturally as you’d like, and you might not be able to...

How to Write An Autobiography with LivingWriter

write an autobiography

We’ve been there: making English assignments where we tell more about ourselves and the lives we’ve lived until now. They just seemed to be nothing more than just a writing exercise, but autobiographies are one of the more popular pieces of nonfiction writing. We are generally interested in the lives of others. Autobiographies offer an intimate perspective of the life of a person and people are...

How to Write a Biography with LivingWriter

write a biography

Each and every person has a story to tell, but there will always be some who have lived lives worth to be heard by a greater audience. That is why biographies exist: to tell the stories of these exceptional people, that we may learn something out of it. Biographies are about people who lived lives we can learn lessons from. As a writer, it might pique your interest to write a biography about...