The October Update

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Expect some exciting new updates this fall…

This year we’ve got some amazing updates we can’t wait to show you, and it all begins with a huge overhaul of the way we do things on our end. Our plan with our upcoming major update is to:

Bring the mobile apps in line with our web/desktop versions. 

The mobile app was created as a companion app for quick on-the-go writing, so it’s missing quite a few features available on our web/desktop versions. But with our upgrade, the mobile app will be updated to include ALL the features of our web/desktop versions!

Offer you more flexibility

LivingWriter is just as much yours as it is ours, so you should be able to customize whatever you want. Our upgrade will include a fresh new (but not unfamiliar) design with the latest UI/UX technology and a zippier interface, in addition to various customization options.

Engage in the community.

Our community is growing, we want to give our writers a place to talk writing in a beautiful space on LivingWriter – if you choose to do so. We will also be introducing a revolutionary new (completely optional) way to request feedback and find beta readers for your work from the LivingWriter community in a very reciprocal and safe way.

Integrate with third-party software.

We’re working closely with major software to give you access to stock images, ways to incorporate research elements easier, and more – all inside LivingWriter. Look out for integrations with Kindle, Google Fonts, Zotero, and more!

Focus on additional security. 

Added layers of security like 2FA and password locks on stories/folders are coming soon.

Increase fluidity with exports. 

We want you to be able to get your story out there in easier ways. With more export options added and the ability to produce Kindle-Ready and KDP formatted files. Our new upcoming Device Preview feature will allow you to see your book across multiple devices. Along with this, we’ll also be overhauling our sharing feature with features such as tracking changes, live collaboration, live commenting, and more.

A focus on non-fiction writing. 

When LivingWriter came out, our focus was on long-form novels (with an emphasis on fiction). Over the past 2 years, we’ve had our writers finish their Ph.D. dissertations, essays, research papers, legal documents, and more than we ever saw coming. We’ll be adding more tools and features to help our writers using LivingWriter in those areas.

A focus on broader fiction. 

We’re upgrading our plotting features to account for our writers that are simply using LivingWriter for world-building. We want you to be easily able to create your D&D Campaigns, storylines, and anything else you’d like to do.

AI to help you get over writing blocks. 

In current development, we have an AI tool using NLP Deep Learning architecture (GPT-3) trained with over 35TB of text data from various books in various genres. You’ll be able to tap into this AI to generate writing prompts in a conversational way when you get stuck. We know this sounds a little out there, and yeah, it is – and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Be more transparent with our development. 

Even if you’re not a techie, we want you to know what’s going on. We’ll give you access to our changelogs, more detailed roadmaps, and explanations of all the incremental updates we make that we’re not currently telling you about.

And two of our most requested features are on the way in October:


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We’ve been working with an award-winning screenwriter to come up with the ultimate upgrades for screenwriting. Soon you’ll be able to go into LivingWriter and choose to start a screenplay instead of a book.

Custom Everything

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It’s your writing space, so it should look the way you want it to. Soon you’ll be able to customize all aspects of LivingWriters UI colors and create themes you can switch in and out of.

If you have a moment, please take this quick survey to help us understand more about you and what you’d like to see in LivingWriter moving forward:

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