Travel Writer’s Guide To Mykonos

Travel Writer's Guide To Mykonos
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A vacation for a writer looks much different than any other vacation. A writer needs the back story, the inspiration, a great place to plug in, and tips for the road so that all they need to do is take it in and write it down. In this Travel Writer’s Guide To Mykonos, you’ll get it all in one spot.


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Mykonos circa 1900s

Mykonos has a reputation for being one of the most touristy islands in Greece. While that may be true, its charm is undeniable. Especially your first time around, Mykonos has a way of making you feel as though you’re walking through a fairytale. The maze-like streets of Chora feel as though they’re changing direction overnight. It’s nearly impossible to remember your way around the town.

Interestingly, Chora was intentionally designed to confuse none other than pirates. Maze-like streets kept children safe to play and hide from the looters.

Mykonos has been inhabited for over 3,000 years and is referenced in ancient Greek mythology as the site of a battle between Zeus and the Titans. For its entire existence, this maritime trading place has been caught after by all of the great powers. It wasn’t until the early 1800’s that Greece regained claim to the land.

In Mykonos, you will pass by countless churches that date back hundreds of years. Including the Church of Panagia Paraportiani which began construction in the 14th century.


Mykonos can inspire all types of stories. From ancient Greek mythology to murder mysteries with billionaires. It all depends on which direction you’re looking in.

Take a quick ferry ride to the island Delos and walk among the ancient ruins where according to the legend, Apollo-Sun, god of daylight, and his twin sister Artemis-Moon, goddess of night light, were born. Or follow the crowd to a sunrise party on a cliffside mansion. Wash your clothes by hand and hang them in the breeze, overlooking to Agean Sea. Truly, in Mykonos, the inspiration is limitless.

While you’re there, be sure to check out 180° Sunset Bar The view of the sunset is absolutely breathtaking. Pair that with the crescendo of opera music as the sun finally sets and you will feel as though you’re in another world. Pro tip: book one of the floor seats that are just one row back as you still have a great view for a fraction of the price.

Writing Places

Blu Blu Cafe Mykonos

This cafe has beautiful decor and ambiance, making it an amazing place to bring your work. You have to admit, the view is unbeatable.

blu blu cafe mykonos
Blu Blu Cafe Mykonos

Faro Cafe Bar and Luggage Storage

This slightly less boujee option still has the same amazing views and benefits, however might be slightly less crowded. You also have the option of holding your things at the cafe as it doubles as luggage storage.

faro cafe
Faro Cafe Bar


For those of you staying outside of town, this cafe has plenty of outdoor seating and feels much more authentic than the Starbucks down the street. Plus, amazing coffee and treats.

Artisti ΠΡΟΖΥΜΙ 1

Travel Tips

Where to stay: If you’re looking for a writing retreat you may want to stay just outside of town where you have a larger suite overlooking the water. That is unless you can find and afford one in town!

Be advised that if you do plan to come in and out of town often then you would want to stay in town because it can be very dangerous to walk the street, and having a car can be inconvenient. A 10-minute walk into town on Google Maps feels much different in reality when you’re dodging speeding cars and ATVs on a narrow road. Many people choose to rent ATVs however these are actually incredibly dangerous and you should avoid doing so.

To move around from the beachside to the town there are buses and also taxis that you can find at the Fabrica location right at the edge of town. You can also give a call to one of the taxi companies and give your location. They will pick you up usually within a few minutes.

If you do choose to stay outside of town, there are some very relaxed cafes, beautiful restaurants and hotels to stay at. Anything from luxury to authentic Greek.

As an aside, if you stay in Air BnB check the comments section because when a place says that it has air conditioning it might just mean a fan and a cross breeze which does nothing in a heatwave.

This Air Bnb I highly recommend as it’s right in town has an amazing balcony for writing, Greek-inspired decor, and you can even hear the sunset opera from 180 Sunset!

myk air bnb
Click here to see if this Air Bnb is available

From the airport: Getting into Mykonos from the airport is easy. There tend to be cabs lined up at the airport to take you where you need to go. Most everyone speaks English.

When to go: Going in the peak months of July-August can be a waste as you won’t be likely to get a seat in Little Venice during the best times. You will definitely be walking through a sea of people almost any time of day. It can also get incredibly hot in these months. However, it will definitely be lively.

You may decide to go a bit earlier than peak season, May or June, for a little cooler weather and fewer crowds.

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